During the summer 2003, the Nebraska Archaeological Survey at the University of Nebraska State Museum completed a 10-week excavation project at a small prehistoric hamlet on Sherman Reservoir near Loup City, Nebraska. This hamlet or the Felis Concolor Site (25SM20) was situated along a low terrace along the eastern edge of Oak Creek. The site consists of at least eight small house pits, as well as a number of associated features. Project personnel included Dr. Alan Osborn (Project Director), Dan Watson (Field Supervisor), and a small field crew. We were also assisted by five students from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Our excavations focused on two, small earth lodges and a large storage pit that had been located several years ago by Survey archaeologists including Dr. Steve Holen. Funding for this project was awarded to the University of Nebraska State Museum by the Bureau of Reclamation prior to the transfer of Sherman Reservoir to the Loup Basin reclamation District and the Sargent and Farwell Irrigation Districts.