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List of Nebraska Species - Browse by Family

  Populus x acuminata lanceleaf cottonwood
  Populus alba silver poplar
  Populus deltoides var. occidentalis plains cottonwood
  Populus x smithii  
  Populus tremuloides quaking aspen
  Salix amygdaloides peach-leaf willow
  Salix bebbiana Bebb willow, long-beaked willow
  Salix eriocephala v. eriocephala diamond willow
  Salix eriocephala v. famelica diamond willow
  Salix exigua ssp. interior sandbar willow
  Salix fragilis crack willow
  Salix humilis prairie willow
  Salix nigra black willow
  Salix x pendulina weeping willow
  Salix petiolaris meadow willow
  Salix x rubens crack willow, hybrid white willow, 1875
  Salix x sepulcralis v. chrysocoma weeping willow
  Salix x sepulcralis v. sepulcralis weeping willow

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