Student Projects on Eiseley


The following are examples of student projects,
some with accompanying on-line excerpts

The Marrow

  • By Maggie Hoppe (2001). A personal essay on life, science, and spirituality in which the author shows that life survives astounding limitations.

Art Farm: The Art of Nature–"Natural Art"

  • By Brady Hubbard (2001). A photographic overview of Nebraska's Art Farm near Aurora and an exposé of how artists (including Eiseley) use nature for expression.

Loren Eiseley Meets the Red Queen

  • By Sarah Jacobitz (2001). An exploration of the "red queen hypothesis" and Eiseley's ideas about evolution, humankind, and the future.
  • By Amanda Stahlnecker (2001). A discovery kit packed with materials, maps, videos, essays, and activities that was developed as a resource for teaching about Eiseley.

Loren Eiseley in English Studies

  • By Andrew S. Taylor (2001). This theme explores the reasons why Eiseley's works are marginalized within English Studies.

Just the Stupid Ones

  • By Emily Thaden (2001). An Eiseley-like poem about saving, collecting, and remembering the "stupid ones."

Ghost Runner: An Essay of Personal Exploration

  • By Brad Trenkle (2001). An Eiseley-style essay that weaves together a personal journey and the pursuit of "truth."

The Pilfered Parable

  • By Jackie Anderson (2000). A web site that examines the many uses of Eiseley's essay, "The Star Thrower."

Loren Eiseley: 20th Century Bacon or Pascal?

  • By Josh Bader (2000). An examination of Eiseley's connections to Sir Francis Bacon and to Blaise Pascal as a means of discovering Eiseley's primary literary message.

Eiseley's Prophesy of Technology

  • By Chris Brown (2000). An image-guided presentation on what Eiseley may have believed was the role of science and technology in human society.

Some of My Stranger Hours: A Look at My Life Through Eiseley's Words

  • By Clint Eckstein (2000). A comparison and contrast of Clint's life and Eiseley's life.

Death: A View Through the Works of Loren Eiseley

  • By Renee Hochstein (2000). A photographic essay on Eiseley's preoccuption with death, how this theme evolved during Eiseley's life, and what Eiseley tells us about the meaning of death.
  • By Susan Kalicki (2000). An overview of the people that influenced Eiseley.

A Presentation of Hope

  • By Aaron Roberts (2000). Original music and essay that were inspired by Eiseley's writings.

Circles in the Sky and Circles in the Land

  • By Laura Vaugh (2000). An illustrated child's book that explores Eiseley's life and teachings.

Was Eiseley Suicidal?

  • By Ellen Veomett (2000). An examination of Eiseley's personality and apparent suicidal tendencies.

Eiseley as a Scientist

  • By Katie Hanson (1999). An analysis of Eiseley as a scientist with a timeline of his scientific achievements.

Study Guide for "The Chresmologue"

  • By Dierdre McMurtry (1999). A companion and guide for Eiseley's essay entitled "The Chresmologue" in The Night Country.

Eiseley and Zen: A Guide to Zen Buddhism and the Writings of Loren Eiseley

  • By Corey Maley (1999). An examination of the similarity of Eiseley's ideas to Zen Buddhism.

The Compassionate Side of Eiseley

  • By Sara Stongin (1999). An exploration of Eiseley's caring for animals, people, and nature in general.

Eiseley on Time

  • By Aaron Ward (1999). A discussion of ways in which Eiseley begs us to look beyond ourselves and see into the past and the future.

Footprints on UNL's Campus

  • By Stacy Domnanish (1998). A portal to the past that examines Eiseley's haunts, friends, and inspirations on the University of Nebraska campus.
  • By Katie Faust (1998). A photo-art essay on the degradation of Katie's childhood home with quotes from Eiseley.
  • By Tony Guetersloh (1998). A compendium and guide for "The Star Thrower."