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Classification ........Erioscelis Burmeister, 1847
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Dynastinae Taxa Map

Dynastinae key

........Erioscelis Burmeister 1847: 72.

Erioscelis columbica.
Cyclocephalini key

Distribution: previously known from South America.  Two species are now known to occur in Panama with one reaching Costa Rica and Nicaragua (Ratcliffe 2003a).


Composition: 5 species.


Diagnosis: Erioscelis differs from Stenocrates in its larger clypeus (small and trapezoidal in Stenocrates, pronotum widest before the middle (widest at the middle in Stenocrates), and elytra with indistinctly paired rows of punctures (distinct in Stenocrates).


Larvae: the immature stages are unknown for all species in the genus. 


Biological notes: life history information is also sparse, although adults of E. columbica Endrödi have been observed feeding on the flowers of aroids in Panama.  Adults are occasionally attracted to lights, but if they are hidden within the spathe of an aroid inflorescence, then they may not see the lights.  This could account for low light trapping success with species of Erioscelis.


Literature cited:
Ratcliffe, B. C.  2003a. The dynastine scarab beetles of Costa Rica and Panama (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae).  Bulletin of the University of Nebraska State Museum 16: 1-506.

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