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Classification ........Mimeoma Casey, 1915
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........Mimeoma Casey 1915: 111

Mimeoma acuta.
Cyclocephalini key

Distribution: One species, M. nigra Endrödi, occurs in the Dominican Republic, and the remaining four species are found from Mexico to Brazil and Bolivia.  There is a doubtful record for Cuba (Endrödi 1966).


Composition: 5 species (Endrödi 1966, 1979, 1985a; Ratcliffe 1977).


Diagnosis: Mimeoma species are similar in appearance to some Cyclocephala species except the clypeus in Mimeoma is subtriangular and pointed, whereas the clypeus is rounded or emarginate at its apex in Cyclocephala.  They may also resemble, on a smaller scale, species of Ancognatha except that the mentum in Ancognatha is furrowed or depressed on its surface with a distinctly excised apex, and in Mimeoma the surface of the mentum is flat and the apex is weakly emarginate.  Males of Mimeoma have a bidentate protibia while males of Ancognatha have a tridentate protibia.  Casey (1915) also noted that in Mimeoma the mesocoxae are distinctly (he said “widely”) separated, whereas they are nearly contiguous in Ancognatha.  The antenna is 10-segmented, and the club is always short.  Males have an enlarged protarsus.


Larvae: the larval stages are unknown for all of the species of


Biological notes: adults are attracted to lights as well as the flowers of some palms (Bactris and Astrocaryum species).  All of the species are apparently lowland in distribution (less than 1,500 m).


Literature cited:
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