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........Coelosis Hope, 1837
Coelosis Hope 1837: 88.
Bourgin 1944: 143 (synonym).

Coelosis biloba.

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Distribution: With the exception of the broadly distributed C. biloba, all of the species are found in South America.


Composition: The genus Coelosis contains seven species (Dechambre 1976; Endrödi 1976b, 1985a).


Diagnosis: Species in the genus may be recognized by the tridentate protibiae, frons of the male with a horn, elytra with distinct rows of punctures, clypeus usually narrow and strongly bidentate at its apex, and mandibles tridentate.


Biological notes: Adults of all of the species are nocturnal and attracted to lights.


Literature cited:
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Endrödi, S. 1985a. The Dynastinae of the World. Dr. W. Junk Publisher, Dordrecht. 800 pp., 46 plates.

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