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"Museum Notes" is a popular (non-technical) serial publication of the University of Nebraska State Museum. Recent issues pertaining to Vertebrate Paleontology are listed below (try the links to our electronic versions of selected issues!)

For a listing of additional issues and for ordering information, please visit our Publications Page.

Ice Age Superpredators. Fossil remains of the giant short-faced bear and the extinct American Lion. Map showing locations of fossil finds throughout Nebraska. (Museum Notes No. 70, 1982. 4 pages.)

Canis dirus: Giant Dogs of the Ice Age. The story of a fascinating species, the dire wolf. (Museum Notes No. 72, 1988. 4 pages.)

Fossil Elephant Teeth in Nebraska. Information on the teeth of elephants and their extinct relatives (mastodons, mammoths, four-tuskers, and stegomastodons. Includes a fold-out poster. (Museum Notes No. 77, 1990. 4 pages.)

Ashfall: Life and Death at a Nebraska Waterhole Ten Million Years Ago. Description and history of Nebraska's newest state park, Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park. Includes color fold-out poster. (Museum Notes No. 81, 1992.)

Death at a 19 Million Year-old Waterhole: The Bonebed at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Western Nebraska. Reports on the discovery, history, and recent excavations of the Agate bonebed. (Museum Notes No. 83, 1992.)

Preserving Vertebrate Fossils: Notes from the Laboratory. Basic pointers about proper techniques for collecting, preparing, and documenting vertebrate fossils. (Museum Notes No. 87, 1994.) (This issue is on-line! Take a look!)

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