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Faculty Curator Patricia W. Freeman is a mammalian systematist and functional morphologist who studies world-wide bats and structure and function of bat jaws and teeth. She is also interested in changes of distributions in mammals of Nebraska. She attended Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Virginia, and the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and held positions at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, and the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago.

Collections Manager Thomas E. Labedz, a native Nebraskan, is an ornithologist and has been conducting a long-term project on mortality of birds attributable to placement of buildings and windows. He is also interested in studies of winter populations of grassland birds and many issues of collection care. He attended Kearney State College, Nebraska and Ft. Hays State University, Kansas and held positions at the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Platte River Whooping Crane Trust.

Professor and Curator Emeritus Hugh H. Genoways is a mammalian systematist and biogeographer with interests in small mammals from North America, Central America, northern South America, and the islands of the Caribbean. He is currently completing work on short-tailed shrews in the U.S. and bats of the islands of Jamaica and Grenada. He too is interested in distributional changes in mammals of Nebraska and has begun a project on the relationships and distribution of pocket gophers in the state. Genoways attended Hastings College, Nebraska, the University of Kansas and has held positions at Texas Tech University, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, and as past-director of the University of Nebraska State Museum. He currently is Chair of the Graduate Committee for the Museum Studies Program.