Virtual Field Trips

Visit "Archie" and company from your classroom! No need to schedule transportation, pack a lunch or even leave your school when you visit us on a Virtual Field Trip. Our educators and scientists interact with your students on a variety of science and natural history topics through live, interactive videoconferencing programs. Classes are designed to fit within your schedule, curriculum needs, and are aligned with science standards. Many of our programs include a physical kit with hands-on materials to enhance your visit.

Thanks to a generous gift from the Roger's Foundation, Nebraska K-12 teachers can be considered for scholarship funding to cover the Virtual Field Trip classroom fee. Complete the “Description of Need” section within the Virtual Field trip reservation form.

Other scholarship funding is available through the Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA).

Virtual Field Trips:

Grades K-12, General Public, Life-Long Learners, Libraries
15 minutes
Fees listed below
When registering please request your desired date and time and preferred scientists. We will do our best to line up one scientist for each desired program session.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists are ready to personally share their passion for science and their science careers with your secondary level students and other audiences. Within a 15-minute session your audience can speak with a scientist about their research, science career paths, and educational experiences. Speaking from their lab, outside with the birds, or surrounded by fossils, the scientists will describe what makes their work amazing. Your audience then takes the lead with questions.

Grades PreK–2
30 minutes
Fees listed below
Kit included

Like a scientist we’ll start with what you know, then ask a lot of questions as we travel our Hall of Nebraska Wildlife exhibit. Listen to identify animal sounds, explore animal behavior, check out habitats, investigate survival senses – it's a zoological adventure!

Grades 2–5, General Public, Life-Long Learners, Libraries
30 minutes
Fees listed below

Rocks – where do you find them?  Everywhere!  But how were they formed?  How does a geologist understand them?  Isn’t a rock just a rock?  Join us in this fun, activities-filled program to answer these questions and more!

Grades 3–5, General Public, Life-Long Learners, Libraries
45 minutes
Fees listed below

Paint a picture of the past! Your class will examine fossil evidence, learn about past environment, and then use their artistic license to create a classroom mural of the Mesozoic era!   Your class will learn about fossils, what they tell us about past environments, and how science influences art. The virtual field trip is set in Morrill Hall’s Mesozoic Gallery surrounded by sea monsters.

Grades 4–8
45 minutes
Fees listed below
Kit included

Uncover a mystery – paleontology style! Working together we’ll dig deep into the tale told by fossil teeth and discover clues to middle America's ancient climate and habitats known to our very own elephants!

General Public
30 minutes
Fees listed below

Step Right Up! See wild elephants who once freely roamed America’s heartland. Explore these prehistoric pachyderm’s world and amazing lives recorded in their fossilized teeth. Come eye to eye with the world’s largest mounted mammoth. “Meet” the scientists who discovered them!

Grades 7-10
45 minutes
Fees listed below
Kit included

Evolution Examined reinforces the main concepts of evolution: variation, inheritance, selection and time by investigating current research with real scientists. Discover how evolution applies to our personal lives and the environment around us.

Grades 10-12
Two 45 min sessions (class lab & VFT)
Fees listed below
Kit included

Through group scientific investigation and interpretation, your students will unravel the mystery of horse evolution! Unlocking multiple lines of empirical evidence and romping through history, they will literally unlock a mystery breakout box while they uncover the enigmatic non-linear path of these ancient steeds. This two-part program includes an in-classroom lab activity and a VFT.

Virtual Field Trip Details

SCIENCE CHAT FEES: 15 minutes:
In Nebraska (Schools, Libraries, Educational non-profit, General Public): $35
Outside of Nebraska: $35
CILC Member: $35
CILC Premier Member: $35

REGULAR PROGRAM FEES: 30 minutes: 45 minutes:
In Nebraska (Schools, Libraries, Educational non-profit): $80 $100
Outside of Nebraska: $100 $125
CILC Member: $100 $125
CILC Premier Member: $90 $100


SIGN-UP: 2-3 weeks advance notice appreciated

KITS: Mailed to you prior to the scheduled virtual field trip. You are responsible for the return mailing costs of kits.

Zoom, H323 IP (Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, etc.)
Audio/Video tests by request only.
Please contact us if you have questions about your technology needs.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Don’t let cost be a barrier! Support may be available for your class. Call the Museum Reservations Office at 402-472-6302 for more information.

RESCHEDULING: If a virtual field trip needs to be rescheduled due to unforeseen technical or weather events, we will try to reschedule within the following two weeks at no extra charge.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to the scheduled virtual field trip. Failure to cancel in advance will result in being charged the full price of the program. There is no charge if your program is canceled due to weather or unforeseen technical problems.

Concurrent virtual field trips are encouraged within a school. We request classes be held on same day. Fees will be negotiated.

For specific class information contact the Virtual Learning Coordinator.