Diverse Nations

Open November 4 to January 3

Celebrate the tribal nations living across North America that fall under the umbrella term "Native American." 

There are 574 federally recognized tribal nations living within today's geographical boundaries of the United States, all with their own unique traditions, languages, and practices. Throughout the exhibit visitors can view objects from different geographic regions and view material from 37 separate nations. 

This exhibit is located in the World Cultures Gallery on the 3rd floor. 

This exhibit is dedicated to all of the Native nations living across what is now the United States.

This gallery was made possible by the Claire M. Hubbard Foundation and the generous donations and loans of the following:
Joslyn Art Museum, Ms. Augusta Anderson, Richard & Otto Condon, Luella Buros, Florence Sunderland, Mrs. Roy Roach, Robert Cox Jr., John Musselman, Charles H. Morrill, Dr. Peter Bleed, E.F. Schramm, Dr. Halle Ewing, George B. Wilson, Roger Fotlz, Bernice & Norman Harris, Katherine Cline Miller, and Mr. & Mrs. Perry Branch.