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Operation Pollination

Explore the secret lives of pollinators and the plants that depend on them for survival in this interactive, family-friendly exhibit. 

The exhibit was curated by a combination of UNL faculty and Museum researchers, fabricated by the museum exhibits department, including multiple UNL student interns, and aided in content creation by the museum education department and local science writing experts. 

Operation Pollination is made possible due to the generous support of the Dillon Foundation, Len Dickinson & Jule Goeller, and the Perry & Latta Branch Memorial Fund. 

Exhibit Curated by: Dr. Doug Golick and Dr. Judy Wu-Smart, UNL Department of Entomology; Chris Helzer, The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska, Dr. MJ Paulsen and Dr. Susan Weller, UNSM. 

Exhibit Produced by: Emily Brown, Angie Fox, Emily Jensen, Zak Kathol, Cindy Loope, Annie Mumgaard, Joel Nielsen, Jason Nord, Nancy Peters, and Hana Sindi, UNSM; Alison Pearce Stevens, APStevens Sciwriting LLC.

Graphic design by student interns: Samantha Beck, Manuel Paredes-Castaneda, and Abby Presser.