The Museum Builders

Open through December 1, 2019

A Story of Fossils and Friendship

This new temporary exhibit explores the history of paleontology and the friendship that led to the construction of Morrill Hall.

Accompanying the Museum Builders Exhibit is an Escape Room which features the history of fossil collecting in Nebraska.

Get ready to journey through the new temporary exhibit to learn how two iconic individuals came together to expand the University's Museum, build Morrill Hall, and carve a path for its future.

Along the way, you will learn about the earliest fossil explorers and get to know one of the first women to become a paleontologist. Also some amazing fossils and other museum specimens are on display. You'll learn why we have the best record of mammal evolution in the Great Plains which is why paleontologists came to Nebraska to collect millions of fossils.

This temporary exhibit connects past to future, and includes a preview of the new exhibits featured in the redevelopment of the fourth floor, Cherish Nebraska.


Special thanks to HuskerTech and Live, Love, Discover for their support of this new temporary exhibit.