Astronomy at Home


Go on a planet-hunting expedition in the early evening and morning from your own backyard. We'll help you get started enjoying the wonders of our solar system with the planetarium demo video.


Explore our nearest neighbor in space -- the moon -- with some simple observations. You'll be surprised at how often the moon changes shape and why it sometimes appears different in our sky. 


The winter constellations are still in the spotlight as we head further into spring. Enjoy these celestial wonders and deep-sky objects from your backyard with nothing more than your imagination and curiosity.

Spring Constellations

Spring has sprung with some classic constellations this season. You'll be a pro in no time with a little practice and some star-hopping. 


Moving stars? More like satellites in orbit. Keep your eyes to the skies to spot these spacecraft, plus the International Space Station.

Eyes on Earth

We're celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by exploring our amazing planet from satellites above. Here you can explore scientific data and how events in one part of the globe affect another.

Point to Polaris

Let the stars be your guide to help find your directions at night. Join Mueller Planetarium's Zach Thompson as he talks about navigating with the stars.


One of the most spectacular things to witness in the night skies is a meteor shower. But, what makes for a good show and what causes them in the first place?


One of the best ways to explore our solar system is with spacecraft. Join Mueller Planetarium's Zach Thompson as he looks at a few missions and how you can discover along with them.

Planet Hunt

Now's your chance to find the five planets our ancestors could see using nothing more than your eyes. Join Mueller Planetarium's Zach Thompson on this planet hunt.

Jupiter's Solar System

Our solar system's largest planet has a special system of moons, some of which you can see with just a small telescope. Join us as we explore this part of our galaxy. 

Star Colors

There's more to stars than meets the eye. You can discover hotter and cooler stars just be observing the colors.


It's a big universe out there, but our system of planets is not alone. Discover thousands of worlds beyond: exoplanets.

Summer Solstice

Summer's right around the corner! But it isn't just a date on the calendar - it's all about the Earth and Sun.


Let's explore the solar system's former 9th planet! Pluto is a world of wonder and mystery, no matter what we call it!

Changing Earth

The Earth is an ever-changing planet. Now you can track changes on a global scale to discover how events in one part of the world can affect other areas.

Summer constellations

It's summer in the northern hemisphere. That means some new constellations and stars to be on the lookout for. Join Mueller Planetarium's Zach Thompson as he explores these markers in the sky.


One of the year's best meteor showers peaks mid-August.