Annual Events

Fossil Week

Join UNSM to Celebrate Fossil Week

Join UNSM, our researchers and our education team as we celebrate Fossil Week.

This year's Fossil Week will be celebrated October 12-16, 2020. 
The Morrill Hall Discovery Gift Shop will run 20% off all rocks to celebrate.

A complete list of additional activities is available below. 

Monday, October 12
Ashfall - Found in the Zone: virtual field trip via Facebook 
Dead zone, skeleton zone, recovery zone....volcanic ash, waterhole sand, fluvial sand. It's all a day in the life of the geology of Ashfall Fossil Beds, one of nature's most unique fossil discovery zones. Explore these discoveries with an educator and an expert. 

Tuesday, October 13
Painting Paleo Life: virtual field trip via Facebook
The museum walls can't talk, but they sure do seem to be whispering something. There are very interesting facts and fantasies visible in the murals behind our fossils and other exhibits. We will learn how science impacts art and how art is used to support science. This will be a fascinating art tour of our halls. 

Wednesday, October 14
Highway Paleontology Program 60th anniversary fossil display  - 9:30 am
The Highway Paleontology Program, a cooperation between UNSM and the Nebraska Department of Transportation to recover and preserve fossils discovered during public road construction projects celebrates 60 years. A special display of fossils discovered as part of the program will be on display October 14-25, 2020. 

Live Preview, Highway Paleontology Program Display - 12:30 pm via Facebook Live
Get a peak at the special display of fossils celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Highway Paleontology Program. UNSM's Highway Salvage Paleontologist, Shane Tucker, will discuss the display and the role of the program. 

Releasing the Specimen: virtual field trip via Facebook
What happens after the fossil is found? How do they look so clean? UNSM's Chief Preparator with vertebrate paleontology, Carrie Herbel, explains the process of fossil preparation and the research done in the UNSM labs.

Thursday, October 15
Visible Lab Tour: via Facebook
Join UNSM paleontologist Jeremy McMullin as he discusses a specimen being prepared in the Visible Lab at the start of the Covid pandemic. He also discusses the tools used to prepare specimens and shares a story about why he got interested in paleontology. 

Friday, October 16
Live visit with UNSM paleontologist - 10:00 am via Facebook live
UNSM vertebrate paleontology preparator Rob Skolnick will visit with guests via Facebook Live from the Visible Lab. He will share the current fossil he is preparing and answer questions about fossils and paleontology.