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Sunday with a Scientist - Don't Eat Me!

Sunday, January 26, 2020
12:30 pm3:30 pm
University of Nebraska State Museum - Morrill Hall
Sunday with a Scientist - Don't Eat Me!

Meet a scientist who studies how animals avoid being eaten. Learn how arachnids act as both predators and prey, and examine the antipredator defenses used by spiders and their relatives. Play Harvestmón –a Pokémon-inspired game about the defenses of daddy long-legs. Decorate a web to confuse predators like a trashline orb-weaving spider. Try to get through the tangle web tunnel – a human-sized 3-D cobweb that you can climb through. Compete in a sit-up contest against spiders found throughout Wilderness Park here in Lincoln. Learn about how spider research is done (ever heard of a laser vibrometer?) and see some arachnids up close...or from a distance, if you prefer.