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Facilities Reservation Request Form

Please complete this form at least 3 weeks prior to your planned event date to initiate your reservation request. If alcohol is to be served, the request should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to your event. A space is not guaranteed until the Rental Policies Agreement has been signed and a deposit of 20% of the event rental fee (waived for UNL groups) has been made. Once you have completed this form, our Reservations & Events Coordinator will contact you with availability, an estimate of the event, and a signable copy of our Rental Policies Agreement. 

Event Sponsor

The event sponsor is responsible for booking outside vendors as well as setup/cleanup of the event including decorations, food and drinks, non-museum equipment removal and coordination of outside rental items removal. The event sponsor must be present at all times during the event and during the immediate post-event cleanup period. If alcohol is to be provided, the event sponsor will be the person listed as such on the UNL alcohol permit and may NOT consumer alcohol. 

Event Details
Serving Food

A list of approved UNL caterers can be found here.

Serving Alcohol
If yes, name of UNL Approved Beverage Provider
If yes, which bar format will you be holding

Note, if serving alcohol, an Application for UNL Alcohol Services Permit must be completed. UNSM will assist non-UNL renters with completion of the permit. 

Outside Rental Vendor
Which museum space do you wish to rent
Do you wish to have Full Museum Access
This allows guests to explore all 4 floors of Morrill Hall beyond the immediate space rented for an additional fee.
Do you want a private planetarium show
This allows guests to enjoy a private show in Mueller Planetarium. Capacity 60 guests per show. Involves an additional fee.

A list of available shows and descriptions is can be viewed here.

Gift Shop open or closed
Do you want to use the podium
Do you need a microphone
Museum Amenities

The following amenities are included for use with your quoted rental rate:

  • 15 -  6' diameter round tables
  • 20 - 6' banquet tables
  • 10 - cocktail tables
  • 90 - black folding chairs
  • Microphone & speaker system
  • Podium
  • Portable projector screen
  • Use of museum marked parking stalls

Additional tables and chairs may be rented from an outside vendor of your choice, or UNSM may work with UNL Facilities to rent additional equipment for an additional fee and subject to UNL Facilities' availability (1 month lead time recommended to make inquiries with UNL Facilities). 

Please describe your event below (e.g. seated, plated dinner or cocktail hour followed by seated buffet dinner). Our Morrill Hall events representative can then discuss more in-depth the table capacities and recommended layouts for your desired event and space. If renting the Morrill Hall conference room, the layout is limited to the included board table, chairs, and audience seating. Not all spaces will accommodate the maximum available tables and chairs.

Event Insurance Coverage

Non-UNL groups must present a Certificate of Liability for an event hosted at Morrill Hall. Any groups that do not have a Certificate of Liability must purchase a one-time event policy online. UNSM recommends Bene-Marc Special Event Insurance. Please ensure that:

  • Your Certificate of Liability is submitted 3 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Has a general liability limit of at least $1,000,000 with a $3,000,000 general aggregate
  • Names the Board of Regents at the University of Nebraska as additional insured