List of Nebraska Plants

List of Nebraska Plants

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List of Nebraska Species from 'The Flora of Nebraska'

Kaul, Sutherland, and Rolfsmeier, 2011

All of Nebraska’s native and naturalized species of vascular plants-ferns, fern allies, conifers and flowering plants—are presented here in a list, browsable by family, genus and common name.  We’ve added a few species that appear to have escaped cultivation and are persisting or potentially could do so.

Also present are some commonly cultivated plants that do not escape and become established as part of the flora, but tend to re-seed easily in gardens (petunias or bachelor buttons, e.g.)  or persist as abandoned plantings around old home sites (lilac and mock-orange, e.g.) These are sometimes mistaken for naturalized species. Also included on the list are a few native species that occur in adjacent states and are expected in Nebraska.

The species list was developed during preparation of 'The Flora of Nebraska' manual. Nearly all entries were confirmed by field collections or examination of herbarium voucher specimens

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