Morrill Hall is open, however our third floor remains closed for renovations.
Guests can enjoy the newly renovated 1st and 2nd floors, as well as Cherish Nebraska on our 4th floor.

Annual Events

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. The following are virtual resources UNSM has available you can use in recognition of the month. 

"Star Lore" Astronomy at Home
The stars we see at night hold many meanings for many people across the world. Discover a very famous constellation from different perspectives. 

"Human(ity) Remains: What do we owe the dead?"
This virtual presentation explores the history of human remains in museum collections and the importance of repatriation. 

UNSM Anthropology Collection Preservation
Katelyn McMullin, UNSM anthropology collections/NAGPRA assistant explains preservation in the anthropology collection, including for a parfleche, pottery, and a beaded jacket and moccasins.

Investigate Saturday Science Lab - Explore Earthlodges
Learn how archaeologists find, study, and preserve earthlodge sites. Plus, explore how earthlodges were made and used by the first peoples of the plains. This program will include a demonstration of how an earthlodge would have been built. You can follow along using materials at home to learn more.

 "Life of an Artifact: From dirt to cabinet"
Artifacts tell us a great deal about the history of people from the past. But what happens after an artifact is excavated? This Science Cafe virtual presentation explores the post-excavation history of local artifacts with History Nebraska. 

 Navajo Weavers
This video documents three generations of Navajo weavers when they visited the Cooper Gallery at Morrill Hall in 2010 in conjunction with the Textile Society of America's 12th biennial symposium. 

 "Pottery and People of the Past"
What can tiny pieces of broken pottery tell us about people in the past? More than you might think. Dr. Rebecca Wiewel, an archaeologist with the Midwest Archaeological Center shares what is known about a 17th-century village in what is today central Arkansas, and how the Native community responded to de Soto's destructive expedition into the Southeast. 



Thank you to Humanities Nebraska for supporting our virtual programming during Native American Heritage Month.