Annual Events

Archie's Party

Help us wrap up our 150th anniversary year

Saturday, June 18, 2022 
Included with admission; Members get in FREE
FREE parking available in the large parking lot in front of Morrill Hall



  • Join KFRX/KX96.9 as they live stream from Morrill Hall's main floor. 
  • UNSM members can stop by the membership table to pick up a special gift.
  • Some activity stations will offer vintage postcards for stopping and participating. Can you collect all 8?
  • Some of Archie's birthday presents got scattered throughout the museum. Find one and turn it in for a prize!
  • Bring a birthday present to donate to People's City Mission and be entered into a raffle for prizes. Details below
  • Archie Meet and Greet - Archie will be popping in and out of the party to greet guests and pose for photos. 
  • Extinction Game - Learn about mass extinctions through a fun interactive game. Create your own creature and spin the "wheel of death" to see if you survive. 



  • Japanese Tea Tasting - Join UNL's Kawasaki Reading Room to learn about the role of tea in Japanese culture and enjoy some tea and small snack samples. 
  • Visit with our museum paleontologists as they work on fossils of a rhino jaw and Titanothere skull in our 4th floor Visible Lab. 
  • Chat with our museum entomologist and learn some fun facts about insects. 
  • Build different landforms and learn about water flow at the interactive watershed table. 
  • Fossil ID - Bring your fossils with you and our paleontologists will help identify them for you. 
  • Touchable Table - Learn about an interact with different animal tracks, scat, and pelts. 
  • Archie's Dental Exam - Learn how to determine when mammoths died based on their teeth and tooth wear and find out when Archie's last birthday was using this new knowledge. 


  • Elephant masks - Make fun elephant masks out of a paper bag 
  • Japanese Fan Painting - Join UNL's Kawasaki Reading Room to learn about and decorate traditional Japanese fans. 
  • Flat Archie - color your own Archie to send to friends and see how far he travels. Or take him exploring with you this summer as you visit different places.
  • Birthday Cards - Help our Friends of the State Museum celebrate their 40th anniversary by decorating an Archie birthday card.
  • Paper Rocket - Build your own paper rocket and see how far you can shoot it into space. 


Archie is giving his birthday presents to People's City Mission this year. Bring a present to donate, and Archie will say thanks by entering you into a drawing for some great prizes (museum memberships, plush sets, UNSM swag, and more). Below are some suggested gifts to help PCM's families jump into summer:
- sunblock
- bubbles
- chalk
- diapers
- Pillows (new)
- Towels or washcloths, any condition
- T-shirts, any condition (all sizes, adult and child)