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Sunday with a Scientist

Hands-on science for everyone

Meet a different scientist each month to learn about topics and careers in science. Scientists will share what they study in a fun, informal way through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and conversation.

Virtual Sunday with a Scientist is a FREE program.

January 31, 2021
Coyotes: Our Adaptable and Secretive Neighbors
2:00-2:45 p.m. CST

Join Dr. John Benson, vertebrate ecologist and professor in the UNL School of Natural Resources to explore his research with coyotes. Learn about coyote communication, from the sounds they make to the scat and scents they leave behind. Plus, we'll practice observing like scientists. How does a coyote react to a new object in its environment? Can you interpret its response?  Register here to join us over zoom or join us via Facebook Live

February 28, 2021
Where on Earth am I?
2:00-2:45 p.m. CST

Take a virtual walk through space and time using Google Earth with Dr. David Harwood, Professor and Stout Chair in Stratigraphy in UNL Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. See the world like a geologist as Dr. Harwood takes us on a Google Earth tour across Nebraska, exploring the rolling sandhills, rivers, and lakes of the state. After we explore Nebraska, we'll fly to a sandy desert, the icy South Pole, and even travel through time. We recommend that participants download the free Google Earth app in advance and come prepared with a place they want to explore. Register to join us over zoom or join us via Facebook Live.