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Sunday with a Scientist

Hands-on science for everyone

Meet a different scientist each month to learn about topics and careers in science. Scientists will share what they study in a fun, informal way through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and conversation.

Nematodes live everywhere, not just near pineapples under the sea. These organisms, also known as roundworms, make up 80% of all the multicellular life on the planet! Unlike earthworms, they are microscopic and do not have segments. A type of nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans, lives in rotting fruit and plant stems, as well as compost piles. These critters love to feast on bacteria in their habitat, rather than the homes of unsuspecting marine life. Instead of hopping around the seafloor, C. elegans crawl to get around and even occasionally hitch a ride on bigger organisms. Come see these critters and learn how they find their food!

July Sunday with a Scientist

Like us, spiders use many sensory organs to perceive the world around them. They use their eyes, and they can feel vibrations on the ground. But do they have other senses? Do they talk to each other with these senses? Do they use them for courting? Find out how wolf spiders court and more at this event!