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Sunday with a Scientist

Hands-on science for everyone

Meet a different scientist each month to learn about topics and careers in science. Scientists will share what they study in a fun, informal way through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and conversation.

September 26, 2021
Sunday with a Scientist: Explore Native American Ceramics of Nebraska 
12:00-3:00 p.m. CST

Do you have pottery in your home? Do you use pottery as a tool, or simply for decoration? For at least the last 2,000 years in Nebraska, pottery has been used by many different cultures as a way to hold and carry different materials and to express creativity and cultural identity. No two pots are the same! Because every piece of pottery is highly unique, pottery provides archeologists with valuable information about how people lived in the past and helps make connections to modern traditions. Archeologists are particularly interested in what gets mixed into the clay, how pots are shaped, and the decorations on the outside of pots. During this Sunday with a Scientist event, join archeologists from History Nebraska and the National Park Service Midwest Archeological Center to learn how they piece together the past, explore ceramics from across Nebraska’s past, and make your own pottery.