Museum Bulletins

Volume 26

The Neotropical Scarab Beetle Tribe Anatistini
(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae)

Volume: 26
Author(s): Mary Liz Jameson and Brett C. Ratcliffe. 2011. 100 pages.
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The leaf chafer tribe Anatistini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae), formerly known as the Spodochlamyini, is exclusively Neotropical and includes 21 species and four genera. Species in the group are restricted to forested regions from Honduras in the north to Mato Grosso, Brazil in the south. The highest area of diversity for the group is Colombia with 45% of the species. Based on examination of type specimens, Chalcochlamys noblis Ohaus is a new junior synonym of Chrysina diversa Ohaus, and Spodochlamys popayana Ohaus is a new junior synonym of S. poultoni Shipp. Five new species are described: Spodochlamys ancistrospina Jameson and Ratcliffe from Colombia, S. letiranti Jameson and Ratcliffe from Colombia, S. marahuaca Jameson and Ratcliffe from Venezuela, S. neblina Jameson and Ratcliffe from Venezuela, and S. neitai from Colombia. We provide a monographic revision of the genera and species of Anatistini and include a key (in English and Spanish), species diagnoses, distributions, and illustrations.