Museum Bulletins

Volume 32

The Dynastine Scarab Beetles of Ecuador
(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae)

Volume: 32
Author(s): Ratcliffe, B. C., Cave, R. D., Paucar-Cabrera, A. 2020.
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The 267 species of dynastine scarab beetles that occur in Ecuador are comprehensively reviewed. Keys, descriptions, geographic distributions, monthly adult activity, notes on natural history, illustrations, and distribution maps are provided for all species. Also included are synopses of the higher-level taxa, erroneous records, a glossary, and a species checklist for the country.

The following new species are described:
CYCLOCEPHALINI: Cyclocephala cristula Ratcliffe and Cave and Cyc/ocephala cucullata Ratcliffe and Cave.

The following new synonyms are recognized (with valid names in parentheses): CYCLOEPHALINI: Aspidolea collaris Endradi (= A. epipleuralis Hahne); Aspidolea ecuadoriana Endradi (= A. singularis Bates); Cyclocephala aulustjaorum Hielkema (= C. brevis Hahne); Cyclocephalaflavipennis Arrow(= C. sanguinicollis Burmeister); C. italoi Dupuis(= Cyc/ocephala krombeini Endradi); Cyclocepha/a longitarsis Dechambre (= C. santaritae Ratcliffe); Cyclocephala melanopoda Ratcliffe(= C. puncticollis Endradi); Cyclocephala nigropicta Dechambre and Endradi = C. helavai Endradi); Cyc/ocephala niguasa Dechambre and Endradi (= C. aequatoria Endrodi); Cyclocephala pan Ratcliffe (= C. chalumeaui Martinez); Cyclocephala paraguayensis marginella Endradi (= C. paraguayensis Arrow); Cyclocephala perconfusa Dechambre (= C. confusa Endradi). ORYCTINI: Megaceras hoplites Silvestre(= M morpheus Burmeister).
PHILEURINI: Hemiphileurus cornutus Ratcliffe(= Paraphileurus venezuelensis (Ohaus)).
AGAOCEPHALINI: Democrates lepiouffi Dechambre (= D. burmeisteri Reiche).
DYNASTINI: Dynastes hercules morishimai Nagai (= D. hercules ecuatorianus Ohaus); Dynastes hercules takakuwai Nagai (= D. hercules ecuatorianus Ohaus); Dynastes neptunus rouchei Nagai D. neptunus (Quensel)); Megasoma actaeonjohannae Van Meenen and Schouteet and Megasoma rex Prandi (= M actaeon (Linnaeus)); Megasoma vazdeme/loi Prandi (= M Janus ramirezorum Silvestre and Arnaud).

The following are new country records reported for the first time from Ecuador:
CYCLOCEPHALINI: Aspidolea suture/la (Hahne), A. testacea Hahne, A. theresae Dupuis, Cyclocephala confusa Endrodi, C. dichroa Dechambre, C. flora Arrow, C. freyi Endradi, C. guianae Endradi, C. helavai Endradi, C. hiekei Endradi, C. huesingi Endradi, C. inca Endradi, C. Jauffreti Dechambre, C. kahanoffae Martinez, C. krombeini Endrodi, C. kuntzeniana Hahne, C. marginalis Kirsch, C. moles/a Endradi, C. munda Kirsch, C. nigrobasalis Hahne, C. octopunctata Burmeister, C. para.flora Martinez C. peruana Endradi, C. pugnax Arrow, C. rufa Endrodi, C. sardadebiae Dechambre and Duranton, C. signaticollis Burmeister, C. simulatrix Hohne, C. tylifera Hohne, C. variipenis Dechambre, C. vestita Hohne, C. viridis Dechambre, C. zurstrasseni Endrodi, Erioscelis columbica Endrodi, Stenocrates clipeatus Endradi, S. ligneus Arrow, S. nasutus Dechambre, S. rionegroensis Ratcliffe, and Surutu dytiscoides Martinez.

PENTODONTINI: Euetheola bidentata (Burmeister) and Oxyligyrus zoilus (Olivier).

ORYCTINI: Heterogomphus carayoni Dechambre, Gibboryctes impunctatus Dupuis, Megaceras philoctetes (Olivier), Megaceras stuebe/lii Kirsch, and Megaceropsis quadridentalus Dechambre.

PHILEURINI: Amblyoproctus ocellatus Lamant-Voirin, Archophileurus ovis (Burmeister), A. peruanus Endrodi, Hemiphileurus blandinae Dupuis, H. rugulosus Endrodi, Homophileurus planus Dupuis, Paraphileurus venezuelensis (Ohaus), Phileurus excavatus Prell, P. toulgoeti Dechambre, and P. voirinae Endrodi.

AGAOCEPHALINI: Horridocalia delislei Endrodi.

The following species have been reported from Ecuador, but because they have been incorrectly identified, have never been collected since being reported, are so far out of their normal range, or the names have been misapplied, we consider the records to be erroneous, spurious, or otherwise suspect:
CYCLOCEPHALINI: Ancognatha quadripunctata Bates, Cyclocephalafreudei Endrodi, Cyclocephala rufescens Endrodi, and Stenocrates holomelanus (Germar).

PENTODONTINI: Tomarus fossor (Latreille).

ORYCTINI: Heterogomphus aidoneus (Perty).

PHILEURINI: Archophileurus burmeisteri (Arrow) and Archophileurus vervex (Burmeister).

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