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Grades PreK–2
For specific class information contact Annie Mumgaard

Program Duration

30 minutes
Kit included


In Nebraska (Schools, Libraries, Educational non-profit): $80
Outside of Nebraska: $100
CILC Member: $100
CILC Premier Member: $90

Virtual Field Trip Details

Venture down our Hall of Nebraska Wildlife! Listen to and identify animal sounds and discover how to think like a zoologist! We will view several museum dioramas full of native Nebraska animals. We encourage students to "think like a zoologist" as they study these animals. Session includes lots of interactive question and answer time, physical exploration and group discovery of fun facts about animal senses, habitats and behaviors. It's a zoological adventure!

1. DIORAMA MATERIALS: 8 plastic animals with easy to follow instructions. We suggest you have your students create dioramas to reinforce what animals need to survive in their habitats. This activity makes looking into our dioramas easier to understand.

2. VARIETY OF ANIMAL COVERINGS, FEATHERS, AND SCENT. We like to have the students touch and smell as we are visiting each animal diorama. You can also have them interact with the coverings (match with word choice) after the virtual field trip.

Return mail cost averages $15.00.

"The kids liked making the diorama. I changed it to a group activity and we discussed how each animal looked (and felt the skins when one was provided) and where it would live." (Pre-school Class)

"The kit was wonderful! It gave the teachers direction in how to prepare for the field trip and helped the kids be ready to interact."

“We appreciated the animal sounds first, providing fewer, but very relevant details, and getting the class involved in answering questions throughout.” 

“Thank you for a very fun, engaging field trip!!!! Kids loved the skins and making the diorama!”