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Grades K-12, Libraries, General Public, Life-Long Learners

When registering please request your desired date and time and preferred scientists. We will do our best to line up one scientist for each desired program session. For specific class information contact Annie Mumgaard.

Program Duration

15 minutes


In Nebraska (Schools, Libraries, Educational non-profit, General Public): $35
Outside of Nebraska: $35
CILC Member: $35
CILC Premier Member: $35

Virtual Field Trip Details

University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists are ready to personally share their passion for science and their science careers with your secondary level students and other audiences. Within a 15-minute session your audience can speak with a scientist about their research, science career paths, and educational experiences. Speaking from their lab, outside with the birds, or surrounded by fossils, the scientists will describe what makes their work amazing. Your audience then takes the lead with questions.

So simple:
1. Scientists will briefly introduce themselves and their research
2. Audience will ask questions
3. Scientists will answer
4. Conversation will continue on...
The participant will...
- explore a variety of scientific research
- engage in conversations about science with scientists
- develop an appreciation for a scientific career path

Science topics include paleontology, biology, geology, meteorology, parasitology, and others as requested.  We can also cover how to survive your first year in college!