Membership Questions

If the frequently asked questions below do not answer your specific question, please contact 402-472-3779 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my membership materials once I submit my membership form?
A: You will receive your University of Nebraska State Museum membership card and materials within seven working days once the Museum receives your membership form. If you have added on a Smithsonian Affiliate Membership or purchased a membership at a level that includes a complimentary Smithsonian Affiliate Membership you will receive your Smithsonian membership card within 14 working days and the first issue of your choice of magazine will arrive within six weeks. 
**NOTE** Reduced staffing due to covid and remote work stations may increase these times currently. 

Q: How can I take advantage of the Smithsonian Membership as part of my University of Nebraska State Museum Membership?
A: As a member of the University of Nebraska State Museum you have the option of adding a Smithsonian Affiliate Membership to your existing membership for $25.00 or renewing your University of Nebraska State Museum membership at the $130 Fossil Funder Level or more to receive the Smithsonian Affiliate Membership at no additional charge.

Q: What if I am already a Smithsonian Magazine subscriber?
A: If your Smithsonian Magazine is about to expire renew through the University of Nebraska State Museum to receive the same membership benefits. If you have recently renewed your Smithsonian Magazine membership, contact us for options on how to take advantage of the Smithsonian Membership benefits through the Friends of the University of Nebraska State Museum program.

Q: Can I receive both the Smithsonian Magazine and Air and Space Magazine?
A: At this time, members must choose either the Smithsonian Magazine or Air and Space Magazine. There is no option to receive both.

Q: How many issues of the magazine will I receive?
A: If you choose to receive Smithsonian Magazine as part of your Smithsonian benefit, you will receive 12 issues as the magazine is published monthly. If you choose to receive Air and Space Magazine you will receive six issues as the magazine is published bi-monthly. Your membership includes either Smithsonian Magazine OR Air and Space Magazine. There is currently no option to receive both publications.

Q: My University of Nebraska State Museum membership isn’t set to expire for a few months, can I sign-up for the Smithsonian membership now or do I have to wait until my current museum membership expires?
A: You can sign-up for the Smithsonian Affiliate Membership now for $25 to take advantage of great Smithsonian benefits.

Q: How does membership work with virtual tickets
A: Register online for the UNSM membership ticket level. "Purchase" one ticket for each person visiting as part of your membership. You will need to acquire timed membership tickets for each visit.  Visitors Services team will ask for your ticket and membership card.

Q: I lost my membership card. Can I get a new one?
A: Yes, please email to request a new membership ticket.

Q: I cannot find my membership card. Can I still visit Morrill Hall?
A: Yes, just give the name on your card to the visitors services staff at the front desk. They can verify your membership status within our system for entry. To visit Ashfall Fossil Beds or Trailside Museum, please email to request a verification email you may present to those museums prior to your visit. 

Q: Who qualifies for an affiliate membership?
A: Those persons who are staff at an approved UNSM affiliate can purchase an affiliate family membership. Current affiliates include UNK, UNO, UNMC, and companies housed within the Nebraska Innovation Campus. Visitors Services staff may ask for proof of employment (company ID card) with approved affiliates along with your membership card for entry into our museums. 

Q: Memberships all state only two children under 18 are included. I have more than two children in my family. Can they be included on our membership?
A: Yes, additional children can be included on your membership. When purchasing or renewing, simply select the "Additional Child" add-on option. Each additional child is $10 for the year. 

Q: My company, school, non-profit is doing a fundraiser. How do I request a donated membership for the cause?
A: Membership donation requests can be made by emailing or calling 402-472-2637. Donations are evaluated on an individual basis. Please include the organization requesting the donation, what the fundraiser is for, what type of fundraiser you're conducting (silent auction, live auction, raffle, etc.), a contact person for questions, and the deadline you need an answer by.