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Curator: Alan Osborn
Collections Manager/NAGPRA Assistant: Katelyn McMullin

Anthropology Division Phone: 402-472-5044

Visiting Researchers: Please email the Curator or Collections/NAGPRA Assistant to arrange a time for your visit.

Ethnological and Archaeological Collections

The Anthropology Division of the University of Nebraska State Museum explores the rich cultural diversity of our shared world through collecting, curating, researching, and exhibiting archaeological and ethnographic objects from cultures both past and present.

The division illuminates both cultural differences and similarities throughout the world and how such interconnectivity creates opportunities for intercultural learning. The division contributes to our understanding of shared cultural heritage by making material culture accessible to students, scholars, cultural practitioners, and our publics in Nebraska and around the world.

The division fulfills this mission through ethical stewardship, cultural relativism, collaborative partnerships, and respect for the expertise of Indigenous communities.