Special Publications & Reprints

Miscellaneous papers of University of Nebraska State Museum staff members which occur in other journals.

Special Publications

  • SP-1

    Guide for a Field Conference on the Tertiary and Pleistocene of Nebraska. C.B. Schultz and T.M. Stout, 1941.

  • SP-2

    Field Conference on the Tertiary and Pleistocene of Western Nebraska. C. Bertrand Schultz and Thompson M. Stout, 1961.

  • Archeology of the Lime Creek Site in Southwestern Nebraska. E. Mott Davis, 1962.


  • SA-1

    Barbour, E.H. 1897. History of the discovery and report of progress in the study of Daemonelix. Univ. Studies 2 (2): 81-124.

  • SA-2

    Barbour, E.H. 1901. The unpublished meteorites of Nebraska. Nebr. Acad. Sci. 7: 34-35.

  • SA-3

    Barbour, E.H. 1901. Sand crystals and their relation to certain concretionary forms. Bull. Geol. Soc. Amer. 12: 165-172.

  • SA-4

    Barbour, E.H. 1902. The progenitors of birds. Proc. Nebr. Ornith. Union. 3rd Ann. Mtg. 9-39.

  • SA-5

    Barbour, E.H. 1903. Present knowledge of the distribution of daimonelix. Sci. (N.S.), 18(459): 504-505.

  • SA-6

    Barbour, E.H. 1905. A new Miocene artiodactyl. Sci. (N.S.), 22(572): 797-798.

  • SA-7

    Barbour, E.H. 1906. A workable bed of coal in Nebraska. Sci. (N.S.), 24(602): 51-52.

  • SA-8

    Barbour, E.H. 1906. Notice of a new Miocene rhinoceros, Diceratherium arikarense. Sci. (N.S.), 24(624): 780-781.

  • SA-9

    Barbour, E.H. 1907. Evidence of man in the loess of Nebraska. Sci. (N.S.), 25(629): 110-112.

  • SA-10

    Barbour, E.H. 1912. Notice of newly discovered eurypterids in Nebraska. Sci. (N.S.), 36(932): 642-643.

  • SA-11

    Barbour, E.H. 1915. A new Nebraska mammoth, Elephas hayi. Amer. Jour. Sci. 40(10): 129- 134.

  • SA-12

    Barbour, E.H. 1916. Evidence of the ligamentum teres in Nebraska proboscidea. Amer. Jour. Sci. 41(15): 251-254.

  • SA-13

    Barbour, E.H. 1916. A new longirostral mastodon from Nebraska, Tetrabelodon osborni, sp. nov. Amer. Jour. Sci. 41(35): 522-529.

  • SA-14

    Barbour, E.H. 1932. The mandible of Torynobelodon barnumbrowni. Amer. Jour. Sci. 24: 214-220.

  • SA-15

    Corner, R.G. 1977. A Late Pleistocene-Holocene vertebrate fauna from Red Willow County, Nebraska. Trans. Nebr. Acad. Sci. 4: 77-93.

  • SA-16

    Edwards, P.D. 1976. The subfamily Leptochoerinae (Artiodactyla, Dichobunidae) of North America (Oligocene). Contrib. to Geology, Univ. Wyoming 14(2): 99-113.

  • SA-17

    Edwards, P.D. 1976. Fish coprolites from Fossil Butte, Wyoming. Contrib. to Geology, Univ. Wyoming 14(2): 115-117.

  • SA-18

    Gould, C.N. and C.A. Fisher. 1900. The Dakota and carboniferous clays of Nebraska. Ann. Rept. Nebr. State Board of Agr.: 185-194.

  • SA-19

    Jakway, G.E. 1961. Symbos convexifrons, an invalid species. Jour. Mammal. 42(1): 114-115.

  • SA-20

    Marsland, T.H. 1897. Notes on the chemical composition of the silicious tubes of the Devil's Corkscrew, Daemonelix. Univ. Studies 2(2): 125- 130.

  • SA-21

    Tanner, L.G. 1973. Notes regarding skull characteristics of Oxetocyon cuspidatus Green (Mammalia, Canidae). Trans. Nebr. Acad. Sci. 2: 66- 69.

  • SA-22

    Tanner, L.G. and L.D. Martin. 1972. Notes on the deciduous and permanent dentition of the hyracodonts. Trans. Nebr. Acad. Sci. 1: 61-72.

  • SA-23

    Tanner, L.G. and L.D. Martin. 1976. New rhinocerotids from the Oligocene of Nebraska. In Misc. Publ. R.O.M.; Athlon: 210-219.

  • SA-24

    Voorhies, M.R. 1975. A new genus and species of fossil kangaroo rat and its burrow. Jour. Mammal. 56(1): 160-176.

  • SA-25

    Voorhies, M.R. 1977. Fossil moles of Late Hemphillian age from northeastern Nebraska. Trans. Nebr. Acad. Sci. 4: 129-138.

  • SA-26

    Voorhies, M.R. and J.R. Thomasson. 1979. Fossil grass anthoecia within Miocene rhinoceros skeletons: diet in an extinct species. Sci. 206: 331-333.