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Our museum is open to the public. We have a variety of in-person and virtual events and programs available for families and science/natural history enthusiasts.

Thursday, October 1st
Pop-in Storytime: Shells
Pop-in Storytime is back in-person at Morrill Hall! Through socially distanced stories, songs, and movement we’ll learn more about the natural world. Everyone is invited to participate, however stories and activities are planned for ages 3-5.

Sunday, October 25th 
Virtual Sunday with a Scientist: Molecules of Life
Join Dr. Catherine Eichhorn, Assistant Professor in the UNL Department of Chemistry, to learn about the building block of life: DNA! Follow along at home as we extract DNA from pumpkins together using common household items. We'll also learn about the unique shapes and structures of DNA and other molecules of life. 

Sunday, November 22nd
Virtual Sunday with a Scientist: Aircraft and Vibrations
Join Dr. Keegan Moore, professor in the UNL Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, to learn about vibrations. Explore how a mechanical engineer can help make air travel safer and more fuel efficient. Follow along at home with vibration demonstrations. You may wish to have a rubber band and/or a slinky handy if you want to make vibrations along with the presenter.