Self-Guided Group Visit


Advance reservation only and must qualify for the discount
Adults (19 and over): $7.00 per adult *Plus Tax
Children (5 to 18 years): $3.50 per child *Plus Tax
Children (4 and under): Free *Plus Tax

*Prices subject to change

* Tax exempt groups need to provide a copy of their Form 13 in order for sales tax to be waived.

To qualify for the discount

  • Groups must belong to an organized entity:  e.g. school or education institution, 4H, scouts, church group, after school program, daycare, etc.
  • Groups must have ten or more paying visitors per reservation
  • Must make a reservation at least one week in advance
  • Pay as a group

Quest Activity

Download this Museum quest to use on your self-guided tour. It is full of information to help you more deeply experience the exhibits on the second floor of Morrill Hall.