Museum Kits

COVID-19 Update: All kits are being quarantined upon return to the Museum and/or cleaned with a CDC-recommended disinfectant to ensure safety. Please do not use cleaning products on specimens included in this kit. The Museum uses special cleansers on specimens in order to protect them. They can be damaged or destroyed if cleaned improperly.

Mini-collections bring the museum to your classroom.

Encounter Kits

Large kits include a teacher's guide, specimens, and five fun activities for learning.

Fee: $35.00/week + return shipping
Rental duration: 1 week


Shoebox Science Kits

Small specimen collections for classroom use.

Fee: $15.00/week + return shipping
Rental duration: 1 week


Wonderwise: Women in Science Kits

Kits present women scientists and their research. Each includes video, activities, and CD. Kits are also available for purchase from Destination Education, Inc. at their listed price. For more information about Wonderwise, go to

Fee: $15.00/week + return shipping
Rental duration: 1 week

Wonderwise is funded by the National Science Foundation