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Corythosaurus, Cretaceous, plant eater
Deinonychus, Cretaceous, meat eater
Euoplocephalus, Cretaceous, plant eater
Iguanodon, Cretaceous, plant eater
Maiasaura, Cretaceous, plant eater
Pachycephalosaur, Cretaceous, plant eater
Parasaurolophus, Cretaceous, plant eater
Spinosaurus, Cretaceous, meat eater
Triceratops, Cretaceous, plant eater
Tyrannosaurus, Cretaceous, meat eater
Plateosaurus, Triassic, plant eater
Dilophosaurus, Jurassic, meat eater
Diplodocus, Jurassic, plant eater
Allosaurus, Jurassic, meat eater
Stegosaurus, Jurassic, plant eater
Apatosaurus, Jurassic, plant eater

Early Dinosaurs - Poster Magazine No. 1
Dinosaurs from North America - Poster Magazine No. 2
Dinosaurs of the British Isles - Poster Magazine No. 3
The End of the Dinosaurs - Poster Magazine No. 4
Information Cards:
      Cretaceous Dinosaurs (2 cards)
      Triassic and Jurassic Dinosaurs (2 cards)