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Animal Coverings Kit B

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Mini-collections bring the museum to your classroom.

Summary of Contents

AC-1 Cedar Waxwing tail feathers (Bird)
AC-2 Eastern Bluebird feathers (Bird)
AC-3 Eastern Red-tailed Hawk feathers (Bird)
AC-4 Goldeneye Duck wing (Bird)
AC-5 Lesser Scaup Duck wing (Bird)
AC-6 Redhead Duck wing (Bird)
AC-7 Beaver claw (Mammal)
AC-8 Coyote fur and foot (Mammal)
AC-9 Deer hide (Mammal)
AC-10 Rabbit fur (Mammal)
AC-11 Raccoon skin (Reptile)
AC-12 Bull Snake skin (Reptile)
AC-13 Western Painted Turtle (Reptile)
AC-14 Abalone shell (Mollusk)
AC-15 Marine Snail shell (Mollusk)