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Mini-collections bring the museum to your classroom.

Shoebox Science Kits

Small specimen collections for classroom use.

Fee: $15.00/week + return shipping
Rental duration: 1 week


DC-1 Large Theropod claw cast, Allosaurus, meat eater
DC-2 Duckbilled dinosaur hoof cast, Anatotitan, plant eater
DC-3 Long-necked Sauropod claw cast, Camarasaurus, plant eater
DC-4 Beak-nosed Ornithopod foot cast, Nabisayrys, plant eater
DC-5 Horned dinosaur horn core cast, Triceratops, plant eater
DC-6 Giant Theropod cast of whole brain, Tyrannosaurus, meat eater
DC-7 Armored Dinosaur scute cast, Ankylosaurus, plant eater
DC-8 Juvenile large Theropod femur cast, Allosaurus, meat eater
TF-1 Duckbilled dinosaur skin impression cast, Anatotitan, plant eater
TF-2 Duckbilled dinosaur skin impression cast, Lambeosaurus, plant eater
TF-3 Small meat-eating dinosaur footprint cast
TF-4 Small meat-eating dinosaur footprint cast
TF-5 Dinosaur egg cast, Oviraptor, meat eater
TF-6 Fossil gastrolith, stomach stone possibly from a dinosaur
TF-7 Fossil coprolites, droppings possibly from a dinosaur

Four Information Cards:
      Dinosaur Clues, (2 cards)
      Dinosaur Traces, (2 cards)