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Mini-collections bring the museum to your classroom.


RM-101 Quartz, mineral
RM-102 Talc, mineral
RM-103 Gypsum (selenite), mineral
RM-104 Calcite, mineral
RM-105 Garnets (5 specimens), mineral
RM-106 Pyrite, mineral
RM-107 Galena, mineral
RM-108 Barite, mineral
RM-109 Shale, sedimentary rock
RM-1010 Sandstone, sedimentary rock
RM-1011 Geode, sedimentary rock
RM-1012 Conglomerate, sedimentary rock
RM-1013 Fossiliferous Limestone, sedimentary rock
RM-1014 Basalt, igneous rock
RM-1015 Pegmatite, igneous rock
RM-1016 Granite, igneous rock
RM-1017 Marble, metamorphic rock
RM-1018 Slate, metamorphic rock
RM-1019 Mica schist, metamorphic rock
RM-1020 Nebraska Common Rock Kit (20 specimens)
RM-1021 Science for Kids, 39 Easy Geology Experiments (book)
Laminated list of specimen
Laminated list of Suggested Activities from Science for Kids book