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Dinosaur & Ancient Teeth

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Mini-collections bring the museum to your classroom.


DT-1 Duckbilled dinosaur tooth row cast, Anatotitan, plant eater
DT-2 Duckbilled dinosaur tooth row cast, Edmontosaurus, plant eater
DT-3 Long-necked Sauropod tooth cast, Camarasaurus, plant eater
DT-4 Long-tailed Sauropod tooth cast, Diplodocus, plant eater
DT-5 Armored dinosaur tooth cast, Nodosaurus, plant eater
DT-6 Horned dinosaur tooth cast, Triceratops, plant eater
DT-7 Medium-sized Theropod tooth cast, Megalosaurus, plant eater
DT-8 Large Theropod tooth cast, Allosaurus, meat eater
DT-9 Very large Theropod tooth cast, Albertosaurus, meat eater
DT-10 Giant Theropod tooth cast, Tyrannosaurus, meat eater
T-1 Phytosaur, reptile tooth cast
T-2 Crocodile, reptile tooth fossil
T-3 Ichthyosaur, reptile tooth cast
T-4 Mosasaur, reptile tooth cast
T-5 Shark, fish tooth fossil
T-6 Stingray, fish tooth fossil
T-7 Mammal tooth fossil

Four Information Cards:
      Dinosaur Teeth, (2 cards)
      Ancient Teeth, (2 cards)