Cherish Nebraska

After being closed to the public for more than 50 years, the fourth level of the historic 1920s-era Morrill Hall has been transformed into state-of-the-art exhibits using modern technology.  Come face-to-face with an ancient ambush predator that once roamed Nebraska, catch a show on the new five-foot globe, and experience science and natural history in entirely new ways.

Now Open!
Now Open!

The University of Nebraska State Museum is proud to introduce Cherish Nebraska!

Seven new galleries celebrate Nebraska’s natural heritage – the diversity of life that has been shaped over the millennia by Nebraska’s changing environments. Visitors can journey from Nebraska’s landscapes through time and space, and learn how our state’s natural heritage – our birds, plants and animals - is shaped by geological changes and human-impacts.

With a variety of digital and mechanical interactives, crawl through spaces and hundreds of specimens and objects visitors can investigate on their own, the new floor provides over 11,000 square feet of new learning space in Morrill Hall.

Visitors can become engaged in the joy and excitement of scientific discovery as they learn about University of Nebraska research, talk with University scientists in the Visible Lab, and investigate their own research questions in the Science Exploration Zone.

Like other areas of the museum, the new exhibit spaces have become a platform for distance learning, using two-way videoconferencing technology to help take the museum into classrooms, libraries, and community centers across the nation. Most recently, parasitologist Dr. John Janovy connected with Nebraska schools from the new State Museum Science gallery to help students discover the microscopic lives of parasites using exhibit components.

The Museum wishes to thank all those who made the Cherish Nebraska project a reality. Hundreds of individuals provided their expertise, time, talent and treasure to ensure this new floor and its exhibits was developed and accessible for all those interested in the natural world, specifically Nebraska’s natural and cultural heritage.

A special thanks to our benefactors and sponsors:
•The Hubbard Foundations
•Ruth and Bill Scott
•Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer Endowment
•Nebraska Environmental Trust
•Larry and Sue Wood
•The Dillon Foundation
•Sunderland Foundation
•Dr. Mark B. and Diann S. Sorensen
•Ron and Lynn Tanner
•Karen Amen & Jim Goeke
•Dr. Arthur and Christine Zygelbaum
•Kimmel Foundation
•Friends of the State Museum

Pull out the hardhat and orange safety cones; construction for the fourth floor renovation Cherish Nebraska project has begun!

Summer clean-up of the fourth floor is now complete as we anticipate the start of construction on the fourth floor of Morrill Hall this fall.

Morrill Hall’s ‘Cherish Nebraska’ fourth floor redevelopment project reaches new milestone with selection of design firm and architect. After being closed to the public for more than 50 years, the fourth level of the historic 1920s-era Morrill Hall will be transformed into state-of-the-art exhibits using modern technology.

The museum’s fundraising effort for the Cherish Nebraska fourth floor redevelopment project has reached another important milestone. I am truly pleased to announce that the Nebraska Environmental Trust Board has officially approved the museum’s proposal entitled: “Natural Legacy Exhibits and Virtual Learning Program Outreach for Morrill Hall, Trailside and Ashfall.”

Visitors to the University of Nebraska State Museum will soon be able to experience Nebraska and natural history in entirely new ways because of major enhancements in store for the iconic museum at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.