Museum Bulletins

Monographs and short papers generated by the University of Nebraska State Museum's Research Divisions from 1924 to present. Published on an intermittent basis.

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Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Volume 3

  • B-3-1

    The geologic history of the bison in the Great Plains (A Preliminary report). C. Bertrand Schultz and W.D. Frankforter, 1946. (10 pages)

  • The Goss Lemming Mouse, Synaptomys cooperi goosii, (Coues), in Nebraska. Edson Fichter and Merle F. Hansen, 1947. (8 pages)

  • B-3-3

    A new Sciurid of Blancan Age from Kansa and Nebraska. Claude W. Hibbard and C. Bertrand Schultz, 1948. (11 pages)

  • B-3-4

    Preliminary geomorphological studies of the Lime Creek Area. C.B. Schultz, G.C. Lueninghoener, and W.D. Frankforter, 1946. Preliminary report on the Lime Creek Sites: New Evidence of Early man in Southwestern Nebraska. C.B. Schultz and W.D. Frankforter, 1948. (Total of 32 pages)

  • An annotated list of the Orthoptera of Nebraska. Part I - The Blattidae, Mantidae and Phasmidae. Harold A. Hauke, 1949. (13 pages)

  • B-3-6

    A graphic resume of the Pleistocene of Nebraska (with notes on the fossil mammalian remains). C.B. Schultz, Gilbert Lueninghoener, and W.D. Frankforter, 1951. (41 pages)

  • A report on Drosophila collections in Nebraska. David D. Williams and Dwight D. Miller, 1952. (19 pages)

  • Insect types in the collections of the University of Nebraska State Museum. Martin H. Muma, 1952. (35 pages)

  • An annotated list of the Orthoptera of Nebraska. Part II - The Tettigidae and Acrididae. Harold A. Hauke, 1953. (79 pages)

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Volume 4

  • B-4-1

    Paleosols of the Oligocene of Nebraska. C.B. Schultz, L.G. Tanner and Cyril Harvey, 1955. (15 pages)

  • B-4-2

    Classification of Oligocene sediments in Nebraska. A guide for the stratigraphic collection of fossil mammals. C.B. Schultz and Thompson Stout, 1955. (36 pages)

  • Arretotherium fricki, a new Miocene Anthracothere from Nebraska. J.F. Macdonald and C. Bertrand Schultz, 1956. (6 pages)

  • Medial Pleistocene fossil vertebrate localities in Nebraska. C.B. Schultz and Lloyd Tanner, 1957. (23 pages)

  • An iron fulgurite from Nebraska. C.M. Riley, 1959. (6 pages)

  • Early records of some mammals from Nebraska. J. Knox Jones, Jr., 1962. (12 pages)

  • A Middle Miocene rhinoceros quarry in Morrill County, Nebraska (with notes on hip disease in Diceratherium). Robert M. Stecher, C.B. Schultz and Lloyd Tanner, 1962. (11 pages)

  • Bdellidae (Acarina) of the Australian realm. Warren T. Atyeo, 1963. (98 pages)

  • Deltopila, a Middle American genus of Anthophorine bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea). Wallace LaBerge and Charles Michener, 1963. (15 pages)

  • New species and records of little-known species of Melissodes from North America (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae). Wallace LaBerge, 1963. (16 pages)

  • Tarsocheylidae, a new family of Prostigmatic Mites (Acarina). Warren T. Atyeo and Edward W. Baker, 1964. (14 pages)

  • A review of the mites of the family Pseudocheylidae Oudemans, 1909 (Acarina, Prostigate). Edward Baker and Warren Atyeo, 1964. (16 pages)

  • New species of Proctophyllodes from Bulgaria (Sarcoptiformes, Analgoidea). Warren Atyeo and I.D. Vassilev, 1964. (5 pages)

  • Prodromus of American bees of the genus Andrena (Hymenoptera, Apoidea). Wallace LaBerge, 1964. (38 pages)

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Volume 5

  • The Feather Mite genus Proctophyllodes (Sarcoptiformes: Proctophyllodidae). Warren Atyeo and Norman Braasch, 1966. (354 pages)

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Volume 6

  • A new species of rhinoceros, Aphelops kimballensis, from the latest Pliocene of Nebraska. Lloyd G. Tanner, 1967. (16 pages)

  • Citellus kimballensis, a new Late Pliocene ground squirrel. Douglas C. Kent, 1967. (10 pages)

  • The Monotypic North American subgenus Laradrena of Andrena (Hymenoptera: Apoidea). D.W. Ribble, 1967. (16 pages)

  • The Brule-Gering (Oligocene-Miocene) contact in the Wildcat Ridge Area of Western Nebraska. C.B. Schultz, Charles Falkenbach and Carl Vondra, 1967. (16 pages)

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Volume 7

  • A revision of the bees of the genus Andrena of the Western Hemisphere. Part I. Callandrena (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae). Wallace E. LaBerge, 1967. (316 pages)

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Volume 8

  • B-8-1

    The genera and species of the Feather Mite subfamily Trouessartinae except Trouessartia (Acarina: Proctophylladidae). Kenneth R. Orwig, 1968. (182 pages)

  • B-8-2

    Biometrical study of morphology and development of the Pennsylvanian trilobite Ameura sangamonensis (Meek and Worthen). Roger K. Pabian and J.A. Fagerstrom, 1968. (19 pages)

  • B-8-3

    Two Feather Mite genera (Analgoidea, Proctophyllodidae) from birds of the families Oxyruncidae and Pipridae (Passeriformes, Tyranni). Warren T. Atyeo and J. Gaud, 1968. (17 pages)

  • B-8-4

    New genera related to the genus Brephosceles Hull, 1934 (Acarina: Proctophyllodidae). Paul C. Peterson, and Warren T. Atyeo, 1968. (20 pages)

  • B-8-5

    Revisions of two subgenera of Andrena: Micrandrena Ashmead and Derandrena, new subgenus (Hymenoptera: Apoidea). David W. Ribble, 1968. (58 pages)

  • A new rhinoceros from the Nebraska Miocene. Lloyd G. Tanner, 1969. (18 pages)

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Volume 9

  • B-9-1

    A new Tribe of Saber-toothed cats (Barbourofelini) from the Pliocene of North America. C. Bertrand Schultz, Marian Schultz, and Larry D. Martin, 1970. (31 pages)

  • B-9-2

    Machairodont cats from the Early Pleistocene Broadwater and Lisco Local Faunas. C. Bertrand Schultz and Larry D. Martin, 1970. (6 pages)

  • B-9-3

    A generic revision of the Pterodectinae, A new subfamily of Feather mites (Sarcoptiformes: Analgoidea). Chong K. Park and Warren Atyeo, 1971. (50 pages)

  • B-9-4

    A revision of the feather mite genus Brephosceles (Proctophyllodidae: Alloptinae). Paul C. Peterson, 1971. (76 pages)

  • B-9-5

    The Microtine Rodents of the Mullen Assemblage from the Pleistocene of North Central Nebraska. Larry D. Martin, 1972. (10 pages)

  • B-9-6

    Phyletic Trends in Certain Lineages of Quaternary Mammals. C. Bertrand Schultz, Lloyd G. Tanner and Larry Martin, 1972. (13 pages)

  • B-9-7

    Two Lynx-like Cats from the Pliocene and Pleistocene. C. Bertrand Schultz and Larry D. Martin, 1972. (7 pages)

  • B-9-8

    A New Species of Menoceras from the Marsland Formation of Nebraska. Lloyd G. Tanner. (9 pages)

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Volume 10

Note: B-10-1 consists of parts B-10-1-1 through B-10-1-5. Each part is also available individually as a photocopy.

  • B-10-1

    Cenozoic Mammals from the Central Great Plains. 1975. (63 pages)

  • B-10-1-1

    Middle and Late Cenozoic Tapirs from Nebraska. C. Bertrand Schultz, Larry D. Martin and R. George Corner. (24 pages)

  • B-10-1-2

    Stratigraphic Occurrences of Teleoceras, with a New Kimballian Species from Nebraska. Lloyd G. Tanner. (14 pages)

  • B-10-1-3

    A new Kimballian Peccary from Nebraska. C. Bertrand Schultz and Larry D. Martin. (15 pages)

  • B-10-1-4

    Bears (Ursidae) from the Late Cenozoic of Nebraska. C. Bertrand Schultz and Larry D. Martin. (11 pages)

  • B-10-1-5

    Scimitar-toothed Cats, Machairodus and Nimravides from the Pliocene of Kansas and Nebraska. Larry D. Martin and C. Bertrand Schultz. (12 pages)

  • B-10-2

    Parasites of Amphibians of the Great Plains. Part 2. Platyhelminths of Amphibians in Nebraska. Daniel R. Brooks, 1976. (28 pages)

  • A Revision of the Genus Strategus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Brett C. Ratcliffe, 1976. (112 pages)

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Volume 11

  • B-11-1

    Classification, paleoecology, and biostratigraphy of crinoids from the Stull Shale (Late Pennsylvanian) of Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa. Roger K. Pabian and Harrell L. Strimple, 1985. (81 pages)

  • A monograph of the genus Polyphylla Harris in America north of Mexico (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae). Ronald M. Young, 1988. (115 pages)

  • B-11-3

    A revision of the North American Papillose Allocreadiidae (Digenea) with Independent Cladistic Analyses of Larval and Adult Forms. J.N. Caira, 1989. (91 pages)

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Volume 12

  • The Scarab Beetles of Nebraska

    Brett Ratcliffe, 1991. 333 pages.
    Hard copy out of print. See volume 22 for new edition.

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Volume 13

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Volume 14

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Volume 15

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Volume 16

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Volume 17

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Volume 18

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Volume 19

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Volume 20

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Volume 21

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Volume 22

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Volume 23

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Volume 24

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Volume 25

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Volume 26

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Volume 27

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Volume 28

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Volume 29

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Volume 30

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Volume 31

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Volume 32